We are building a greenhouse!

In collaboration with a few friends-a fellow farmer, a blacksmith, and a recycled vegetable oil (RVO)/biodiesel aficionado, we are building a greenhouse!!! This will be located a mere 1.3 miles from Nuestro Huerto at 97 Webster Street. There you’ll find some very cool things happening: a community work space complete with several carpenters’ workshops, a motorcycle/car mechanic shop, a RVO/biodiesel processor and a blacksmith shop! Cool! Of course, this space was seriously lacking in farm energy. Nuestro Huerto has a need for a greenhouse and space to grow seedlings for the season. Lauren, my farming collaborator,  works at Heirloom Harvest, an awesome organic CSA farm located in Westborough, MA.  After years of dedication from their trusty 90 foot long greenhouse, last winter did it in, and it collapsed. They managed to get another season out of it, and decided to replace the galvanized steel tubing hoops and plastic. Where do we come in? We received the scrap material–What a perfect project for this team! We have the space, the knowledge, and the wherewithall to dedicate to building a more sustainable Worcester (and world of course!) by growing food locally. Long term plans include growing vegetables inside the greenhouse, as well as more immediately, seedlings for Nuestro Huerto, an internal composting system to produce heat, as well as recycled fuels for heating, as much passive solar input we can incorporate into our design, and perhaps a solar hot water heating system for underneath the seedlings and in the raised beds to encourage stronger growth throughout the cold winter months.

So far, we have removed trees for increased sunlight, (we’ll use the firewood to heat the shop), established a design, are in the process of fabricating flanges to house each end of the 10 hoops, conjuring up and toying with RVO heating systems, boosting our existing home composting system, and much more! Ask me how to get involved at nuestrohuertoworcester@gmail.com.


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