Vegetable Oil?

What does vegetable oil have to do with Nuestro Huerto?  Let me explain…Scott Guzman has an been an integral part of the greenhouse construction, and meanwhile, he’s also been working with EMPOWER running a bio-diesel and waste vegetable oil worker owned cooperative.  This kind of work isn’t easy–especially when there’s never enough capital or time to get it all done, though we can all agree there’s an obvious need for alternative fuels in Worcester (and beyond.)  

Nuestro Huerto is all about promoting, integrating and supporting other cooperatives and creative endeavors in Worcester in any way we can.  The greenhouse and EMPOWER’s vegetable powered operations are located in the same space.  There’s always opportunities to learn about the process of converting recycled vegetable oil (RVO) into fuel while helping this fledgling operation get off the ground.  Diesel car conversions are also happening–existing diesel car and truck owners are converting their vehicles to run on RVO. EMPOWER picks up waste vegetable oil from restaurants, and processes it so that buyers can pick it up and use it directly.  Nuestro Huerto likes this, and wants to help. 

As you can imagine, winter is a slower time for farming related stuff (though we were sure busy building the greenhouse with various volunteers), and we want to keep our volunteers posted of opportunities as they arise while the winter doldrums set in, and there isn’t much going on in the way of community events, or stuff to do in general (bowling can get old after a while, especially when you’re not very good at it.)   But life is never boring, and there are always opportunities to help out.  So, if you support Nuestro Huerto, or are curious about waste vegetable oil and the biodiesel process, check out  or email for more information.  

I like to think of us as a team.  We’re working on different projects, sure…but ultimately, we want the same thing:  a more sustainable Worcester (and world) and are doing what we love to make that happen. Join us! 



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