Volunteer Workdays are Here Again!

Welcome to Spring! (And Happy Earth Day, too!) 

I wanted to announce to all of you wonderful readers who live in the area that we now have three open volunteer days a week, weather and schedules permitting.  I will update if something comes up so check back regularly.  

Here is the schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-1pm

Sundays 1-5pm

Please Bring:

Closed Toed Shoes (A shovel to the toe REALLY hurts, trust me)

Water Bottle

Sunscreen, hat, other sun protection

Snacks for yourself are always nice if you’re staying the whole time

*If you can, Please ride your bike! We strive to keep this farm operation as low-carbon as possible, including the transportation of our volunteers, members, and customers.  We are proud to say that we transport a great deal of our equipment, people, and produce by bicycle and cargo trailer.  Bus transportation is also possible.  You can take the 25 to Canterbury and S. Crystal and walk a few blocks to 20 Southgate Street.  If you are finding it difficult to get to the farm but would like to come, please email me at nuestrohuertoworcester@gmail.com and we’ll figure something out! We want to make the farm accessible to all who are interested in coming down to check it out or volunteer.  

Please note a times below where we will not have workdays:

Sunday April 20 (next weekend); May 20 and May 27

Any day it is pouring down rain, thundering, lightning, etc. we will probably not be there, but I will post here to verify if the weather is iffy.


If you would like to help the farm out by leading a volunteer work day, let me know! 

Also, memberships are filling up!  If you are interested but waiting til the last minute to purchase a full or half share, don’t wait much longer!  I am looking forward to having all of our members in one place for our upcoming orientation (date TBA).  I will keep you all posted, and hope to see your smiling face at the farm very soon. 






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