Rain or Shine

Hi volunteers!

Since it never seems to stop raining, I wanted to make clear some kind of “rain policy” for our volunteer work days.  So, yes, we’ll be working rain or shine! BUT if the weather is really terrible, we will meet at the greenhouse instead.  Check the blog, or call me, Amanda, at (717) 574-3909 to be sure you’re headed to the right location. Ideally we make it to the farm each time, and in some cases, even if the weather is less than ideal, we may still tough it out in the rain.

Today, a  perfect example, our first Monday work hours, from 5-8…The weather people are calling for more rain and wind, but we are behind with our compost delivery coming mid week  last week, so ideally we make it to the farm to spread the compost and get some of those poor tomatoes in the ground. (They were doing SO well just a few weeks ago, their optimal time for going in the ground).  I’ll call it at 4:30 on the blog and you are welcome to text or call the number above if you can’t get to a computer.  Keep in touch!

Otherwise, things are going well! We had our first ever CSA orientation, and had the opportunity to meet many of our shareholders and enjoy the evening together at the farm.  We toured the farm, talked about volunteer hours, and picked up a surprise pre-first share, since no one could predict the weather, and how HUGE everything got so quickly.  This week we had

Chamomile, Cilantro, Kale, Mixed Asian Greens, Radishes, and Spinach.  Already we have more greens than we know what to do with. Please, submit your recipes for any or all of these magical vegetables so we can pass them on to others who might be stumped with what to do with all this food! We will try to make sure that everyone has a reasonable amount of food (not too much, not too little) weather and astral powers permitting.

Keep in mind that we try to donate a substantial proportion of what we grow, so your support in any shape or form is greatly appreciated.

Shareholders, we’ll see you on Thursdays, and the rest of you, be sure to stop in for a few hours and help out on the farm.  We will be at the opening day of the Main South Farmers Market at the Central Branch YMCA located on Main Street.  That will be Saturday, June 16th from 10-2pm.

Come visit us at the Ferromorphics table at stART on the street this coming Sunday, June 10th on Green Street, Worcester. For more information, check out http://www.startonthestreet.org/



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