A few more photos-Send us yours!

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This small collection of photos I pulled off my cell phone.  We still have yet to get our donated camera up and running despite having ordered a number of things that we thought were the right things. We will keep trying.  I love that these photos make it look like we lay around all day! Mostly it’s just when I think to take photos, rather than during the sweaty, challenging times.  The last thing I am thinking about during the busy times at the farm is, I should stop and take a photo! My favorite one in this small collection is the seedling pack labeled Aster Mix.  Looking at that photo, I see that more than half of the seeds did not come up at all, one that did come up is not even an Aster (the colorful leaved one is actually Coreopsis), and yes, those are mushrooms.  Who knows what kind, but that was yet another one of the surprises we discovered this season.  Turns out that verwatering is as common and as detrimental as underwatering.

Too much love, (we express our love for our plants sometimes with what we think they need!) or not enough, and voila, strange things happen! This delicate balance of plant, human and the forces of nature is one that we seek to attain, but know that no matter what, nature inevitably does what it will.

Another favorite is the volunteer kale plant that popped up between the cracks in the concrete next to the greenhouse.  Folks at Blank Slate (where greenhouse lives) graciously step over the kale plant despite it being in our path.  We like that we work in a place where nature continuously reminds us that she  in charge, and we are not.  Having faith, anyway, that if we let it, nature will provide for us…in moderation, of course.  The key here is that we must let her do her thing, and we must also take and return in moderation in order for this balance to function as it has for many more moons than we have been on this earth.  Something to ponder, anyway!

With food and photography on the mind, please, contact us if you come by the farm, volunteer, or feel like stopping by to photograph the farm.  We’d love to see what you see of Nuestro Huerto, our vegetables, and the area.  Shareholders, send us photos of the food you make with your veggies!


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