2-3 Full Year (and shorter term) Internship Opportunities with Nuestro Huerto, Urban Farm

Central Massachusetts (Main South, Worcester)

Nuestro Huerto is pleased to offer full year, self-tailored internship experiences for high school, gap year and college-age students interested in and dedicated to learning about the behind the scenes aspects of running an organization and urban farm, as well as gaining experience in the hands-on, day-to-day activities of the farm.  This project is tailored to work with people of all levels of education, experience cultures and lifestyles.

Projects and responsibilities will be arranged with the director based on experience, interest and seasonal needs.

What you will gain:

  • A basic understanding of the seasonal responsibilities entailed in urban farm management
  • Experience in making decisions that will impact the long term and day to day activities of the farm
  • Experience in connecting with the immediate and greater Worcester community interested in community improvement, healthy food and environmental justice
  • Experience with all aspects of day-to-day responsibilities of urban farming, including:
    • Weeding, watering, seeding, transplanting, pest management
    • Harvesting and produce preparation for sale, CSA distribution and donation
    • Assist with marketing and sales of CSA
    • Composting and greenhouse management
    • Assisting and/or teaching workshops on and off site
  • Possibility of share in CSA (weekly amount of vegetables)

Responsibilities and Expectations Include:

  • A willingness to learn, get involved, be helpful, consider and honest
  • A mature, positive attitude
  • Being a self-started, ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Able to work in inclement weather (It rains! Thank goodness!)
  • Strong work ethic
  • Able to work with a variety of people and skill levels
  • Being on time (must have own transportation, i.e. walking, bus, bicycle, car) We will help you Earn-A-Bike if you do not have reliable transportation!
  • Flexible work schedule (We will work with part-time job holders as best as we can)
  • Ability to work with your hands and hand-tools, i.e. shovels, rakes



Areas of focus may include:

  • Marketing and outreach
  • Educational programming (children and adults)
  • Materials allocation and maintenance
  • Budgeting and Finances
  • Record keeping
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Plant health care and maintenance
  • Soil health and maintenance
  • Flower care and arranging
  • Customer service (market, local vendors, CSA members)
  • Construction


Positions Open Immediately, Please send Questions or Resume and Cover Letter to Amanda at nuestrohuertoworcester@gmail.com

Posted January 4, 2013


Please pass on to interested parties! 


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