The Swing of Things



Seedlings (and weeds) are popping up everywhere, we’ve transplanted nearly all our veggies-and have just had a ton more compost delivered, so we’ve got our work cut out for us.  We’ll continue to form new beds, seed and transplant, and enjoy the frequent rainy days we’ve been having.  Our plants got off to a slow start once in the ground, as the soil was extremely dry, drought like conditions, but it appears things are on the mend.  Only time and weather will tell when the CSA will kick off. 

Last night I was grateful to be in the presence of such a supporting group of CSA members! I was surprised at the number of people in attendance, and a little taken aback; normally I don’t speak to crowds and I was admittedly a little nervous! Be careful with you wish for! This year our our membership consists of almost all half-shares-which increases the number of families we produce for quite a bit! Hooray for returning members, and it’s wonderful to see so many new and familiar faces.  I’m excited to see you all each week! 

If you are interested in coming, please consider coming now! We love the help of new volunteers, and enjoy the company.  This is where a lot of the tiring work comes in-shoveling, raking and forming beds for our dear vegetable seedlings. I hope you’ll make it soon. Feel free to contact me with any questions.




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