Happy Fall! Final Workdays At the Farm

Greetings vegetable lovers!

I wanted to announce our final workdays for the season. I am looking forward to sharing a few more daylight hours with you before we settle in for the winter. Hours are shorter, but I have also planned two workdays to put the farm to rest for the season.  There is much to do, including building more (!) beds, covering them with leaf mulch, cleaning up, putting things in storage, etc. With a bunch of people working together lately, it is amazing what we have accomplished.  The tree planting was so inspiring, and we are chipping away at the enormous pile of compost delivered from the city for new beds.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to terracing the hillside! I suspect that with a lot of enthusiasm, anything is possible here.

The last few days have been beautiful at the farm.  The sun is warm in the mornings, and the sunsets are absolutely stunning at this time of year. Treat yourself to a few hours at the farm-exercise, fresh air and fun working together.  The hardest part is getting there!

Here are the hours for the rest of the season. *PLEASE contact me if you plan to come. A text or call is a simple enough way to let me know. That way, I can be sure to be prepared for you. (717) 574-3909 or nuestrohuertoworcester@gmail.com.

Friday 11/8 9-1

Monday 11/11 3-dark

Tuesday 11/12 9-1

Wednesday 11/13 9-1

Friday 11/15 9-1

Saturday 11/16 9-1

Sunday  11/16 10-1


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