Spring is here and the farm is teeming with life!







Greetings everyone! It’s good to be back in the groove of things. Birds are going nuts poking around in the dirt and making nests. I’ve seen all kinds of insects, and more worms in the soil than ever before. So much snow and rainfall early in the season has been such a blessing for us. We hope to mulch everything we can to lock in that moisture for the season. My favorite sighting has been our local red tail hawk which frequents the farm. I suspect it’s a young one-I’ve watch it attempt two aerial attacks unsuccessfully so far. Good for the little ones, not so good for the hawk. I’m anxious to see if we will spot what is either a kill deer or mockingbird’s fletchlings in the grass this year-we saw them a few years ago and they are so precious at that age!

So far we’ve made a lot of headway in the last few weeks, seeding, relocating seedlings to the hoop house on Webster Street from my sun room at home.  The Brassica family (kale, collards, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) will be heading out this Wednesday morning to their home for the next six months. We’ve direct seeded beans, peas, lettuce, arugula, mustard mix, radishes, daikon, turnips and fennel.

We are making beds as fast as we can to keep up with our expansion of the CSA. We are now full for the season-with work-shares and paying members. We are also in the process of being able to accept EBT-so we have folks signed up for that, too. Our total number is 29 families, couples and individuals signed up this year! I am confident we will have another successful season. 

For those of you who have been thinking of where to get your veggies this summer and thought of us-thank you and we are so sorry we aren’t able to include everyone each season in the CSA program. We love that we are full and still have interested families. Please contact us next year early in the year to secure your spot.  You are still most welcome to join us for workdays-we rely on volunteers to make the farm run. Come learn about local food and enjoy yourself outdoors!

Don’t let your enthusiasm for acquiring local vegetables dwindle just yet. There are two local CSA’s that have drop off’s in Worcester-New Lands Farm (Sutton, MA) and Many Hands Organic Farm (Barre, MA) that may work for you. Hurry and call! There are also plenty of farmers markets in Worcester, the Regional Environmental Council has one every Saturday behind the Main South YMCA, as well as the Canal District on Saturdays, too. I know there’s a few I’m forgetting, too, so ask around! 

In other news-our fruit trees survived the very harsh winter and are doing marvelously. Two of our plum trees are in full bloom, and more to be expected very shortly. We also got the go ahead to plant MORE TREES! on the property, some decorative, some to block a blighted view of what Providence Worcester Railroad has dumped over the side of the tracks, and of course, fruit trees. Woo! 

I, Amanda, also have the awesome opportunity to work part time at a beautiful farm in Northbridge, Foppema’s this season.  I am so excited to learn more about production, practices and the in’s and out’s of what makes a farm successful so that I can become a more effective farmer, something I am deeply committed to. They have orchards, perennial fruit, mixed vegetables, a big farm stand, hot house tomatoes and cucumbers, and so much more. It’s going to be such an enriching experience.

Here are a few photos. If anyone likes taking photos, help me out! Come to the farm and we’ll get them up on the blog and facebook. I’ve got a simple phone and not-so-savvy web skills to get more photos out there for readers. Thanks! \

Members, I’ll have a date for a membership orientation in the next few days, and will keep you all posted. Looking forward to seeing you all at workdays.








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