Updates from the Farm

Hello friends! The tree planting schedule for this Saturday at Nuestro Huerto has been post-poned to a date TBD. We lost the tree donations we anticipated for this event, and will continue to look for an/other donor/s. If you have personal or professional connections with tree suppliers, nurseries, etc. in the area that you think might be promising, please let us know and we are happy to explore this with you. Think Trees!!

On a positive note, the cooler weather has helped the farm flourish! Purple poc choy, lettuce, chinese cabbage, arugula, perpetual spinach, kale and collards are all doing marvelously! We still have 7 more CSA pick-ups left (if the weather and frost cooperate!) and we are excited to continue to welcome new and seasoned volunteers to the farm during our open volunteer hours. Please check our hours for the schedule. Everyone of all ages is welcome.

More exciting news: Nuestro Huerto is launching the South Worcester Community Garden at the South Worcester Playground! This project is in its infancy, but I am personally thrilled about the possibility of expansive community engagement. That means more people in South Worcester connecting, working together and enjoying the neighborhood we live, play and work in. More to come on this! We will be looking for leaders and participants in the coming weeks and months to really put this into action. This is a particularly exciting project in that more people from the community will be able to check out the future garden plots in publicly accessible land! Being on private land at the House of Prayer church has been a blessing for its security of a high fence, but has limited us in our ability to drawn in community members to participate. A community garden will allow participants to be involved on their own terms and on their own schedule…cool! The City of Worcester has been enthusiastic about this possibility-and as we work to ensure the safety of the soil, access to water and improved security of the site-we will continue to provide updates here and on the Facebook page so that you can see what’s happening and find opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in participating in any way in this new project, please contact us at nuestrohuertoworcester@gmail.com


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