Tomato Party! Workshop for Pickling and Canning Green Tomatoes

Hello members!

I am inviting you all to Nuestro Huerto’s pickling and canning workshop, hosted by two members’ at their home.

Here are the details:

Bring your own tomatoes, but we will also have leftovers from the harvest so that you can get good at doing this! Some of the extras we can will be given to our generous hosts for opening up their kitchen to us all. We’ll keep track of just how much you brought and how many jars you used. We’ll have jars and lids available, but if you have new lids that have never been used before, please bring those! Please note that if they have been used before they cannot be used for canning (pickling, yes, canning, no). We will go over all the necessary steps to ensure that what you take home is safe to store and eat.

Long-term preservation

Date: 9am Saturday October 25th til hopefully no later than 2pm but we’ll have to see how it goes!
Who: any members, friends, family, etc.
What: Come learn how to preserve your own green tomatoes, help others do so, and have fun doing it! You are also welcome to come simply to take part in the workshop, with or without tomatoes.
Fee: The only fee will be what materials that are not your own that you utilize and take home (jars, lids, rings, white vinegar, spices, salt, etc.). Estimate approximately 1.50-3 dollars per jar (depending on size for all materials).

Address: Please email us for the address
Please park: on street
Please email to RSVP!
Call 717 574 3909 if you have questions the day of.


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