April showers bring May…weeds?

Hi readers!

A few quick updates…please check out our newly posted and updates walk in workday hours for the month of May.

I am thrilled to begin meeting folks who will be dedicating time on the farm this season making it happen. So far I’ve met with two workshares who will be starting by next week, and one of two interns who will be spending a lot of time learning about urban farming and working hard at Nuestro Huerto. Members, you’ll meet them all very soon!

And what’s happening on the farm? Spring weeding, of course! Also reforming beds, seeding out earliest crops like lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, cilantro, basil and parsley. We’ve also been cleaning up the perennial bed area and trellising the peas. Come on by to say hello and look around and stay if you like to help out for a few hours!

And finally, if you’re wondering, we still have CSA shares available! Email us for the brochure, or scroll down for a copy on the website. We hope you’ll join us this year for veggies of all kinds! Invite your friends and family to join this year. Maybe even purchase a gift for that uppcoming wedding or other special event.

Hope to see you soon!





2 thoughts on “April showers bring May…weeds?

  1. Thanks Amanda we have to pick our day in May for soil installation on your terraces. The Job Corps kids will be so happy to help! Please call me, Marty 508-641-4962. Next week, weekdays I will be back at the desk. Respects!

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