Something to do with all those greens!


Here’s a recipe that sounds delicious and simple:  Making Kim Chi with fresh greens

And if that won’t work for you:  10 ways to use Mustard Greens

My personal favorite: Lightly sautee your greens in a bit of oil (or steam them), and add Tamari (or soy sauce), maple syrup (or sugar/ honey), and sriracha (or any hot sauce that you love)…SO easy, salty, sweet, spicy and very edible. And really, is it that bad to put a little salt and sugar in your meal so that you will eat a TON of greens? Personally, my answer is no! Maple syrup is good for your soul!!!! And greens are also good for you, so eat those too…combined! If I have them, I’ll combine with rice noodles, but rice, any pasta, with potatoes, sweet potatoes, or anything of the sort will do just fine. Tofu is also really good with these three magical ingredients.




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