Winter Updates

Hello veggie lovers,

It’s so nice to be writing to you again.  I’ve been waiting (impatiently) for news from the church, Nuestro Huerto’s host, to find out what is in store for the upcoming year for us. So…good news! They are going to welcome three new farmers onto the property for the coming season. Yay! The church has always been a “Yes” kind of congregation-they have tolerated, maybe even enjoyed, our unique project in the city, right in their backyard.  We have moved mountains of dirt, dug giant holes, planted trees, terraced a hillside, begged the volunteer plow-man not to plow too close to the garden beds (that are invisible under the snow, I know!), plopped a port-o-potty on the property, created a midden pile of asphalt found in the compost and on the property, welcomed bee hives, established seasonal shade structures and made messes of plastic containers, drip tape and row cover in our processing and distribution area…to name a few. It’s been seven wonderful years of shamelessly asking for their generosity-and of the congregation responding with Yes’s all the way.  What a blessing.

Although our communities are not connected on an everyday basis, it is clear to me that we have their support and understanding, and we do our best to return the favor. But the score, though no one is keeping it, is not at all even. They have given endlessly, and for that we can do little but be grateful, and work tirelessly to achieve the goals we have set out to-to provide nourishing vegetables in our community, and to make urban farming a viable possibility for others-whether through education, experience, and now, to offer up the gift we have received to others. And so, big changes for us all-though I will personally stay involved on the property, and with the church, to ease the transition, to provide technical support as needed, to help bridge and build a, hopefully, lasting relationship between two communities in the name of generosity, openness and compassion; the CSA and volunteer hours, will be closed to the public. The new farmers will grow primarily for their own provision and for their own community-a right that is often withheld, or made extremely difficult to attain, to families who resettle in the US from other countries, particularly in urban centers.  I hope this will provide a little taste of what they love about home for them-to provide a sense of autonomy that we all seek and a third space that is not home, not work, but a place they can practice their craft of farming, on their own terms.

I, too, have much more to be grateful for. I have recently established an agreement with a landowner (whom I rent my home from) to lease approximately an acre from to start my very own farm! Naturally, I will grow mixed vegetables and herbs. I can’t imagine doing anything else! So, I want to introduce you to Cotyledon Farm, my newest endeavor.  I will not promote my project too much on this site-since this site was developed to focus on and celebrate Nuestro Huerto and it’s related work and projects-but what I will say is, that after 7 seasons of growing vegetables for you all, I will continue my work as a nourisher/farmer, in a similar fashion, on this new property, and I’m super antsy to get started!! I have begun assembling a fabulous team of individuals who will work in exchange for a share-all of whom you may recognize from Nuestro Huerto’s past workshares and members, and am so excited to aaaalmost have a CSA brochure ready for distribution.  Seeds are ordered. And seeding will commence in just a few short weeks. I admittedly couldn’t wait any longer to update you about Nuestro Huerto. So, when you’ve got some time, and are wondering where you are going to get your vegetables from this year: I hope you’ll consider supporting my new project: CotyledonFarm! Info will be posted very soon about ways to get involved. This project is in Leicester-just over dead horse hill on Henshaw Street, a mile and a half from Cooper’s Dairy. I will have a road-side farm stand, a CSA distribution (On Wednesday afternoon/evenings), and private sales of whatever I’ve got-to restaurants, individuals, and possibly to the Food Hub. Only time will tell.

As promised, other options I typically recommend to folks shopping around for a CSA that works for you and your family:

Heirloom Harvest (Westborough); Many Hands (Barre); Red Fire (Montague). I believe Many Hands and Red Fire have pick ups in Worcester. Visit for my new contact information if you have questions about the project, the CSA, or anything else!

I can still be reached through if you have questions or thoughts about Nuestro Huerto.  I will certainly keep you updated for ways to get involved. I am looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you all this coming Spring after the snow melts away, though it’s hard to believe that will ever happen!!







One thought on “Winter Updates

  1. Good luck, Amanda. You have been a wonderful asset to Worcester Community Garden’s Trust. We appreciated the opportunity to move soil, build gardens and learn work ethic as a team and individually. Your dedication is remarkable and clearly a refined skill. Your new place of operation sounds like a very good idea and ongoing realization of your life work. We will always be available to participate in community service and prepare for an all out com serve week in April to celebrate Earth Day & Global Youth Service. Thanks again for helping us tow the line as a working group. Bless your garden & strength to build bridges. Sincerely, Marty Yenawine, Work Based Learning Coordinator, Grafton Job Corps Center

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