Get Involved

Nuestro Huerto offers a number of ways to get involved. Here’s how:

Walk-In Volunteer Days:  See front page of our website for updated volunteer hours

Internships:  Internships are offered for people of all ages. You do not have to attend school or plan on enrolling in school to do an internship.  These can be part-time to full time positions, for short-term to long-term involvement. Internships may involve day-to-day farm work, administrative duties, working with board members, outreach, grant research and writing, basic construction and whatever needs doin’ to make the farm work! Credit for school may be available depending on your institutions requirements. You will learn valuable professional and trade skills as well as gain life experience during the internship.

Click here for more information on Internships.

Membership:  Membership means you receive a share of the farms harvest each week from June through October in exchange for a combination of work + money, or just work.  There are half shares, full shares and work-shares (limited number of these) available starting. Enrollment open now for the 2016 season.  Membership is the best way to get involved for the season-it helps the farm by providing needed income and the work hours necessary to do on-farm tasks. It’s also a great way to get to know others in Worcester who are interested in what you are-healthy food, being outside and building community.

Board Member: Board members, or the steering committee, are dedicated to reaching Nuestro Huerto’s goals and adhering to the organizations mission and values.  This means working with other board members to make decision about the organization as well as offer valuable connections to other communities outside of Nuestro Huerto’s immediate membership and volunteer base.



2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Simply an Excellent food/farm program. Enjoyed observing the growing harvest and also had a great time listening to music, and eating delicious food last year at the Southgate street. (Worcester site)

  2. I am interested in having Amanda Barker come to our library to give a presentation on extending your garden season.
    She did an awesome job last year and has been requested again for this year.

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